DJV Series stainless steel centrifugal pump


Stainless steel vertical pump
The pump body adopts SUS material precision lost wax casting and external equilibrium in the pump body smooth and high dimension.
According to the needs of various chemical environment place, can choose different pump body materials, SUS304:SUS316.SUS316L;Ti.
Cooperate with the general water surface treatment industry, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc.
No shaft seal, unique design, will not damage by idling soil, prevent acid gas from entering the bearing oil seal is designed.
Use the machine to adapt to the vertical installation, can be used in the groove, especially the installation ‘heat resistance can reach 110 ‘C below.



*** Performance curve ***
DJV Series stainless steel centrifugal pump 2 scaled
*** Performance parameters (The following is in the motro frequency for frequency 50Hz of value) ***
DJV Series stainless steel centrifugal pump 1 scaled
ㆍShown above the limit is the proportion of the shaft power when the largest, liquid viscosity for 1 mPaㆍs value.
ㆍ The key limit refers to than the maximum flow of value, according to the change of flow, proportion limit will also change, such as the need to adjust, please contact us.
ㆍEnvironment temperature range: 0 ~ 40 C

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