ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
  • It is equipped with a low-pressure die-casting aluminum box with high strength, which ensures solidness and firmness, reduces the mass of the dosing pump and the weight of the overall equipment of a later stage.
  • The precise worm gear can make the transmission efficiency increase significantly, gain the same pressure displacement, make the motor power smaller and more energy- saving.
  • Because of the decline of the weight of the whole machine and more efficient operation, the purpose of energy-saving and environmental protection has been truly achieved, immediately saving your cost.
  • It can be matched with electric stroke adjustment; at the time of manual adjustment, the current stroke length shall be displayed, or according to 4-20mA, the stroke length of the dosing pump can automatically be adjusted, thus the purpose of precise display and flow adjustment has been achieved.
  • High quality modified PTFE diaphragm manufacturing process can make the maximum pressure of mechanical diaphragm dosing pump reach 30 kg, and make the cost of dosing pump under 12-30 kg pressure system substantially decline.
  • Spring return structure is simple and clear, which makes maintenance and maintenance become simple.
  • The pump head of PVC, PVDF, PTFE, SS316 complete series of materials is suitable for conveying various acids, alkali and salt solutions; non-leakage overflow structure can make sure that the process is stable and orderly.
Performance Specifications of NDWL Motor Dosing Pump
ModelFlow ratePressureStroke lengthDiaphragmMotor
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