ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
  • Manual stroke frequency  adjustment, adjustment by Up and Down keys
  • Intelligent automatic control mode: RS485 communication protocol
  • The communication with the upper computer can be achieved; online start and stop and control can be achieved; the pump is suitable for the high-automation production process under centralized control.
  • A touch screen can be provided and a simple control system can control at most 128 DC dosing pumps simultaneously, to achieve quick and simple control, without need of complicated control instruments; state parameter of dosing pump is visually displayed; time and personnel cost are saved.
  • Current working frequency is digitally displayed.
  • Equipped with a liquid level switch interface
Specifications of DC Type Solenoid Dosing Pump
ModelCapacityPressureFrequencyPowerWeightPower Voltage
DC-02-07-L27120303.2220V 50Hz
DC-03-07-L37120303.2220V 50Hz
DC-06-05-L65140403.2220V 50Hz
DC-09-03-L93160403.2220V 50Hz
DC-02-16-X216120653.8220V 50Hz
DC-06-07-X67120653.8220V 50Hz
DC-09-07-X97120653.8220V 50Hz
DC-12-07-X127120653.8220V 50Hz
DC-15-03-X153120653.8220V 50Hz
DC-20-03-X203120653.8220V 50Hz
DC-30-03-X303160654.5220V 50Hz
DC-50-02-X502160654.5220V 50Hz
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