ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
  • Mechanically-driven diaphragm assembly is of simple operation and easy maintenance, and the pump head is free of leakage.
  • The operation is smooth and steady, and the noise is low.
  • The high precision and high strength transmission components can make the dosing pump efficiently output, at the same time, its maintenance cost is ultra-low.
  • High quality modified PTFE diaphragm assembly can greatly improve the life span of the diaphragm, making it not easy to become a wearing part.
  • PVC, PTFE and SS316 pump head materials are applicable to dosing of different kinds of chemical liquid.
  • It can be matched with electric stroke adjustment. When the stroke is manually adjusted, current stroke length will be displayed, or the stroke length of dosing pump is automatically adjusted according to 4-20mA, to attain the purpose of accurately displaying and adjusting the flow.
Performance Specifications of ND1000 Motor Dosing Pump
ModelFlow ratePressureStroke lengthDiaphragmMotor
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