ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
ปั้มจ่ายสารเคมี Dosing Pump
  • The diaphragm is mechanically driven and returns by means of a spring and the structure is simple and easy to maintain.
  • High-quality modified diaphragm assembly with maximum pressure of 30bar can replace low pressure hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps in a part of application places, greatly reducing the user’s initial input cost.
  • In the post-maintenance, because there is no hydraulic oil chamber and other hydraulic assemblies, maintenance is very simple; the high-quality modified PTFE diaphragm assembly is applied, extending the service life of the diaphragm and reducing the post-maintenance cost greatly.
  • Use of damping sliding bar makes the dosing pump run smoothly, with extremely low noise.
  • It can be matched with electric stroke adjustment. When the stroke is manually adjusted, current stroke length will be displayed, or the stroke length of dosing pump is automatically adjusted according to 4-20mA, to attain the purpose of accurately displaying and adjusting the flow.
  • PTFE elastic component and one-way valve are optional and the high-viscosity corrosive liquid can be conveyed; outlet end has back pressure.
Performance Specifications of HND Motor Dosing Pump
ModelFlow ratePressureStroke lengthDiaphragmMotor
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